Blasting Past The Gravitational Pull of Disempowering Habits

Blasting Past The Gravitational Pull of Disempowering Habits


Have you ever seen the movie, Groundhog Day, with Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell? This romantic movie does a superb job demonstrating the insanity of being ruled by our unconscious behaviors.

Similarly, we go through life on autopilot zombie mode: waking up to a blaring alarm clock, struggling to get out of bed, commuting, working the 9-5 Rat Race, eating processed crap while vegging out in front of the tube, only to do it all over again the next day. The week moves at a crawl, the weekend flies by, and we’re back to the same ol’ life-sucking routine on Monday that replays as an endless loop. Not that there is anything absurd about that?!

We continue spellbound by this hypnotic trance – never fully realizing what had happened until years have past. Despite the many times we look at ourselves in the mirror declaring, “I will change,” most of us never do, even with the most honorable intentions.

In the end, we lay defeated in our deathbed with regrets. Deep down, nobody really wants to live life this way. Yet in my observations, Thoreau was correct when he wrote, “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.”

So why did our species resigned itself to becoming unfulfilled with depression, anger, anxiousness, apathy, and confusion despite all the abundance of modern times?

How did we forget what it’s like to feel fully alive, to deeply converse and connect with others, to take calculated risks, to ask probing questions, to learn, to play, to explore, to accomplish and achieve?

In other words, how did we lose our child-like curiosity, fascination and awe with the world, all while “growing up” into an adult?

How did “negative” disempowering neuronal patterns become so reinforced that we became a canary “stuck” in the cage even though the gate is wide open to freedom?

Why is it that “thoughts” (tiny electrical signals) in our “monkey minds” are enough to paralyze us, like deer in headlights?

How did we resort to becoming over-fixated victims of “unfair” circumstances – perpetually playing the blame game – when we can alchemize that same energy to become intimately “greater than” our sad stories?

Yes, I can simply tell you all the answers to these questions. Honestly, do you really think me telling you more information would be enough to transform your life?

During my own search for the answers, I thought more knowledge was the key (it’s only part of the equation) until I became an info-junkie which eventually lead me down the spiritual bliss-junkie path that nearly killed me! I became an addict in entirely unexpected way.

Rather than me telling you, let me SHOW you…how I actually transformed my own life.

There’s something very satisfying and rewarding when you earn your way back to your “hidden” Self.

So, come join me and Discover Your Mojo through this blog, Flow Reality – Where in the World is Tone Floreal?  Look forward to meeting you on this spinning blue marble!!


Tone Floreal