Craig and Fred: How to Be Stubbornly Positive

Craig and Fred: How to Be Stubbornly Positive

As a podcast host, I get to hear a lot of peoples’ stories. Within each story there’s someone who faced adversity, overcame it, and came out the other end a better, stronger, and more capable person.

Craig Grossi’s story is no different. As a US Marine serving in one of the most dangerous districts in Afghanistan, Craig faced both horror and loss.

Craig and Fred with Chris Albert

But amidst the danger and the terror, Craig also found joy. Last year, we brought him on to discuss his book Craig and Fred. Fred is a little white dog that Craig found in that combat zone. His book is the story of how Craig saved Fred and brought him back to the US, and how Fred eventually saved Craig from the darkness he experienced after his service.

Since we first spoke to Craig, he and Fred have been all over the place, traveling across the country to spread their message of stubborn positivity. They’ve also been working to help veterans and other dogs by raising money for charities.

This is, in my opinion, one of the great stories of our time, and I wanted to revisit Craig and Fred so that they could spread their message of stubborn positivity to our audience for the holidays.