Episode 27: Boosting Growth Hormone Naturally with Dr. Mark Gordon

Episode 27: Boosting Growth Hormone Naturally with Dr. Mark Gordon

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Despite the often unfair and inaccurate stigma that steroids and performance enhancing drugs often get, growth hormone therapy has largely found its way into the mainstream. News reports abound of Hollywood actors using HGH therapy to maintain their youthful appearance, many people are turning to injectable human growth hormone for different purposes. Beyond bodybuilders and athletes, we have many women and men seeking to increase their libidos, tighten their skin, and burn fat with the substance.

Some reports suggest that recombinant Human Growth Hormone is completely benign and that users could take it without many of the negative feedback loops that one gets from taking other hormones, like testosterone.

Rather than just rely on the musings of locker room bro science and day time TV, we decided to get one of the top experts in the world to weigh in.

Dr. Mark Gordon is a world renowned interventional endocrinologist who works with top Hollywood actors, professional athletes, and has dedicated his free time to work with US military veterans who suffer from hormonal deficiencies due to brain trauma as Medical Director of the Warrior Angels Foundation.

Dr. Gordon was kind enough to sit down with us to discuss growth hormone, and we were able to discuss:

  • Why Growth Hormone is important to the body and why a Growth Hormone deficiency could occur.
  • The symptoms of a Growth Hormone Deficiency.
  • Injectable Human Growth Hormone Therapy and why it is useful but not as harmless as people think.
  • Natural ways of increasing growth hormone production in the body.
  • Human Growth Hormone Secretagogues, or supplements that could increase natural production of growth hormone as a logical first step before taking injectable human growth hormone.
  • Why many HGH Secretagogues do not work and what to look for in an effective Secretagogue.
  • The Secretagogue that Doctor Gordon uses in his own practice (Click the image below to explore)