Episode 45: Les Stroud – Survivorman

Episode 45: Les Stroud – Survivorman

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Les Stroud has been the world’s preeminent survival expert for almost 30 years. As the star of Survivorman, a musician, filmmaker, an author and activist Les has long wanted to create a home for all his passions, teaching and experiences, which he has recently done with his new online network SMTV.

SMTVnetwork.com, is an on demand streaming network where you can learn survival from Les by following him on his adventures through his films, music, environmentalism, educational projects, and, of course, Survivorman.

This was a fantastic conversation and we look forward to having Les on again in the near future!

A quick intro to what you will find on Les’s SMTV Network:

To join SMTV Network, click on the image below:

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