Episode 58: What Doesn’t Kill Us – with Author, Scott Carney

Episode 58: What Doesn’t Kill Us – with Author, Scott Carney

Imagine this. It’s March, 1621, and you’re a pilgrim at the Plymouth Colony. You just emigrated from England a few months before and you’ve spent a bitter first winter on this new land freezing your your unholy parts off. The only thing that you think got you through it was your fellow pilgrims and prayer.  It’s still cold in March, as it always has been in New England, but something catches your eye. Out of no where, a dude comes walking into your village wearing nothing but a loin cloth. He says “welcome Englishmen!  Do you have any beer?”

Yup, this happened, and that dude’s name was Samoset, a member of the Abenaki Sagamore tribe and the first Native American to ever interact with the Plymouth Colony. He’d learned English from English fishermen up in Maine.

We all think about the first Thanksgiving and the Pilgrims landing at Plymouth Rock, but fewer of us remember how hard it was for them to survive during that long first winter. Even fewer of us remember that Native Americans had been surviving there for thousands of years before wearing next to nothing compared to their English counterparts.


Well they had something that the pilgrims didn’t. It was something that the Pilgrims’ ancestors had begun to lose many years before and something that most of us still lack today: exposure to the elements and a resulting buildup of brown adipose tissue.

In his book, What Doesn’t Kill Us, Scott Carney discusses how we can all get back to our own evolutionary greatness, highlighting his own journey in training with Wim Hof the Ice Man, and top athletes like endurance expert Brian Mackenzie (a past guest on this show) and big wave surfer Laird Hamilton.

This is an amazing conversation and Scott is an awesome individual with many awesome insights.

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