Episode 61: The Keto Reset with Mark Sisson

Episode 61: The Keto Reset with Mark Sisson

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Mark Sisson is one of the biggest names in the fitness industry and the Primal/Paleo movement.

He’s also 64 years old and looks better than a lot of guys half his age, which is why I think people should listen to him. But it wasn’t always easy for Mark.

Back in the 1980s, he was a high level endurance athlete, and he ate like one. Loading up on carbs to do day after day of grueling training was standard for his routine. But his diet and training schedule led to a near complete breakdown of his athletic career. Swollen achy joints and irritable bowel syndrome were with him every day.

Mark decided to change his diet and training in favor of the paleo lifestyle, and he was able to continue to be active, out running and out muscling many guys in their 30s.

Mark lays this all out in his book The Primal Blueprint, and his new book The Keto Reset Diet, explains how we can all tap into our evolutionary make up to gain the ability to burn fat for fuel at will.

This was a fantastic conversation with one of my fitness heroes and I hope you enjoy it!

You can check out Mark’s new book, The Keto Reset Diet here.

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