Episode 70: The Marine Who Founded Relobase – Jack Somers

Episode 70: The Marine Who Founded Relobase – Jack Somers

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While serving as a Marine Corps officer, Jack Somers found his military career cut short abruptly when he began experiencing seizures while on deployment.

Needing to find a new career, Jack became a real estate agent where he found himself knocking on doors trying to find leads on a daily basis. Then Jack got an idea: he could take the expertise he gained in his real estate career and help service members who needed to relocate. The idea for Relobase was born.

Today Jack serves as the President of Relobase, a full service company for US Military Service Members who need relocation services for bases throughout the US.

This was an amazing conversation and we get deep into Jack’s journey and the obstacles he’s overcome to build his business.

To learn more about Jack and Relobase, visit http://app.relobase.com/#/home

To learn more about the Stanford Ignite Program for Post 9/11 Veterans, visit https://www.gsb.stanford.edu/programs/stanford-ignite/campus/post-9-11-veterans