G. Michael Hopf: From US Marine to Author

G. Michael Hopf: From US Marine to Author

G. Michael Hopf is an apocalyptic author and US Marine Corps Veteran. Much of his life before he began writing was an adventure. In addition to his time as a US Marine, G. Michael Hopf was a commercial diver and an executive protection agent who once guarded members of the Saudi Royal Family.

He credits his travels and the host of characters he met along his way with helping his own character development in his writing.

Today, his books have a massive following amongst apocalyptic fiction readers. G. Michael Hopf has authored close to 30 books including his best-selling New World Series.

In this episode we discuss his amazing story and how he went from the Marine Corp to becoming a best-selling novelist. We also speak at length about his creative process and the business of writing a book.

You’ll learn:

  • how he started writing
  • how he develops his ideas and characters
  • what it was like marketing his first book
  • his advice for new writers
  • and so much more

To follow G. Michael Hopf and keep up with his work head over to his web site at: https://www.gmichaelhopf.com