Helping Warriors Find the American Dream with Phil Randazzo

Helping Warriors Find the American Dream with Phil Randazzo

Why Many Veterans Are Underestimating Themselves

Years ago, if you were a Veteran trying to make it in the civilian world, the path was usually to head off to college, get a degree, and then try to secure an entry level job some where. The thing is that a lot of Veterans are under the false impression that a college degree is the only way to make it. They also think that their military experience doesn’t mean anything to employers. Well…times have changed. Unless you’re looking to become a doctor, nurse, or lawyer, degrees don’t really mean much. In fact, I have a Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D work completed and it’s never gotten me a job. If you’re a Veteran who’s served honorably, that means that you have leadership skills, that you’re reliable, and that you know how to put work in. That’s important.

Our Guest This Week: Phil Randazzo, founder of American Dream U

Phil Randazzo, our guest today, is trying to get you to realize how important that is. Phil is not a veteran. He’s a serial entrepreneur who built his empire out of nothing. He’s also the founder of American Dream U, a nonprofit who’s mission is to help Veterans make better transitions into the civilian world. Through American Dream U and Mission Next, Phil has created a platform that gives Veterans the knowledge they need to build upon their already valuable skills to secure employment or build businesses.

The platform is completely free for veterans, and it takes minutes to sign up. It also contains what I’d estimate to be at least $100,000 worth of education if it were part of a degree. You can learn everything from basic finance to advanced business management. There’s complete ecommerce courses and courses on building out your LinkedIn profile. There’s courses taught by guys like Tim Ferriss and other entrepreneurs who’d normally charge thousands of dollars for their advice. So while I really want you to listen to this episode, what I want you to do before you listen is to get over there to and sign up as quickly as possible. Get on there and start learning. Dedicate yourself to spending an hour a week on there.