Matt Simpson: How to Heal from Trauma

Matt Simpson: How to Heal from Trauma

Matt Simpson is the author of Worth The Fight and the host of the Worth the Fight Podcast

Matt Simpson is the author of Worth the Fight, a book that details how he overcame his battles with trauma and the resultant self-destructive behavior that comes with trauma.

Matt thrives on showing people what’s possible when they finally come to grips with the traumatic events that have happened in their lives.

This is not easy. It involves searching deep within one’s soul, a journey that often involves confronting uncomfortable truths along the way. Yet through that discomfort, you can find forgiveness, compassion, kindness, and fulfillment through service to others.

Matt found help on his journey through the healing power of psychedelic plant medicines and has spent much of his time advocating for the study, de-stigmatization, and introduction of these therapies to communities in need, like the veteran community.

Matt and I had an excellent conversation about life, healing, trauma, and psychedelics.

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