Nick Koumalatsos and HRT: How to Beat Low Testosterone

Nick Koumalatsos and HRT: How to Beat Low Testosterone

Nick Koumalatsos served in Marine Recon and as a Marine Raider. He is currently an author, film maker, and entrepreneur who runs 7 different businesses.

Nick Koumalatsos is used to living life on the edge. As a Marine Raider, he pushed himself to his physical and mental limits. That took its toll on his body, his mind, and his hormones. Nick suffered from a testosterone deficiency when he got out, and is now using hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

Low testosterone is a problem that plagues many men as they get older. It is particularly a problem amongst the veteran community and especially amongst combat arms veterans.

The reasons for this range from poor lifestyle choices to the wear and tear that the profession has on the body and the brain. Low-level traumatic brain injuries, inflammation, and poor digestion all add up to become a detriment to testosterone production.

Nick Koumalatsos - Excommunicated Warrior

Nick has teamed up with Core Medical Group to bring some amazing resources to treat Low T to the veteran community. In this conversation, we break down the causes of low testosterone, how to fight it, and what to look for in a good HRT clinic.

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