Becoming a Marine Raider | Josh Honsberger, Part 1

Becoming a Marine Raider | Josh Honsberger, Part 1

Josh Honsberger a Marine Special Operations (MARSOC) Veteran. He is also a trainer and coauthor of Raider Prep along with Nick Koumalatsos

Josh Honsberger is a Marine Special Operations Veteran, trainer, author, and entrepreneur. He is the coauthor of USMC Prep, Raider Prep, and Recon Prep along with Nick Koumalatsos.

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Josh served for 13 years in the United States Marine Corps. He spent five years as an infantryman, 3 years as a weapons instructor at Quantico, and 5 years with Marine Special Operations Command (MARSOC).

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In this episode, Josh and I discuss how he got into MARSOC, the hurdles he had to overcome, and the training he did to prepare. We’ll be following up this episode with a follow on tomorrow about Josh’s career in MARSOC, a catastrophic injury that ended his career, and how he pieced himself back together.

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