Overcoming the Past with Gratitude

Overcoming the Past with Gratitude

The past can be one of two things for you: it can be a ghost that constantly haunts you or it can be a source of strength.

It becomes a ghost when we find ourselves constantly going back and dissecting events. You wish that some way, some how, you could just go back and take advantage of that chance or not make the mistakes you did.

Its thoughts like this that probably keep you awake at night. Turning your mind into a machine that you can’t turn off. During the day, it steals your focus, taking you away from the present. And it keeps you from fully living because living happens in the now.

On the other hand, the past can also be a source of strength. This can happen when you find a way to become grateful for your past. Both the good and the bad offer up opportunities for gratitude.

Those opportunities lie in the lessons you learned and the opportunity to apply them to the present.

This episode takes you through exactly how to use gratitude to overcome one of the greatest obstacles you’ll ever know: the ghosts of the past.