Senior Chief Thom Shea: Three Simple Things

Senior Chief Thom Shea: Three Simple Things

Senior Chief Thom Shea served in the US Navy Seals over 23 years of distinguished service...

Senior Chief Thom Shea served as a US Navy Seal for 23 years over three wars, earning a Silver Star and a Bronze Star with a “V” device amongst other honors.

Thom entered Navy Seal training after failing out of the United States Military Academy at West Point, determined that he would never fail out of anything ever again. His position in the Seal Teams was hard-won, surviving five Hell Weeks, more than any Seal candidate has ever gone through.

Today, Thom has authored two books: Three Simple Things: Leading During Chaos and Unbreakable: A Navy Seal’s Way of Life. Thom is also the founder of Unbreakable Leadership, and he has trained thousands of people to overcome chaos by applying the rules of “three simple things” to their lives and businesses. In his off-time, Thom hunts and competes in ultra-marathons.

In this conversation, Thom and I discuss his amazing life, the rules that helped him thrive and survive, and how he transitioned to helping others in his post-military career.

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