The World Doesn’t Care About You

The World Doesn’t Care About You

I can't catch a break...

You’ve heard it over and over again from yourself, your friends, and your family.

“I can’t catch a break.”

“Why does this crap always

The world doesn't care about you

happen to me?”

“Life sucks…”

Lots of people live their lives believing that the world is aligned against them.

Here’s something everyone needs to learn: the world isn’t against you because it doesn’t care about you.

It doesn’t care if you’re wildly successful, and it doesn’t care if you hate life.

can't catch a break

The world is simply the world. It’s been testing living beings since the dawn of time, and you’re no different.

In this episode, Chris discusses why this is actually a good thing. It means you actually have more control over your life than you think you do.