Walt Gragg: The Chosen One

Walt Gragg: The Chosen One

Walt Gragg is a military fiction writer. His latest book, The Chosen One is an absolute gem.

Walt Gragg is a United States Army Veteran, former lawyer, and military fiction writer.

Walt Gragg

His latest book, The Chosen One, follows the story of an unassuming holy man who gives rise to a worldwide Islamic fundamentalist movement that takes over the world and leads to a battle of epic proportions. The storyline also follows several characters in different theaters of the battle, including a Marine Force Recon officer who is tasked with delaying the Chosen One’s forces until US reinforcements can arrive.

This is Walt Gragg’s second time being on the show. Last time, he came on to speak about his first book The Red Line.

The Chosen One  is action packed, enormously detailed, and captivating. It’s characters, particularly the Mahdi, an Algerian cleric named Mohammed Mourad, and Marine 1st Lt. Sam Erickson, are enthralling.

Walt Gragg’s books not only bring entertainment, but lessons for the avid military reader. There are many leadership lessons through it’s pages and the detailed descriptions of the weaponry and tactics used are outstanding.

In this conversation, Walt Gragg discusses his writing process. He delivers solid advice to aspiring authors, and he gives us some insight as to his next project.

You can purchase The Chosen One by clicking this image:

The Chosen One