Warrior Fitness: Deadlifts, Fasted Training, and Weight Loss

Warrior Fitness: Deadlifts, Fasted Training, and Weight Loss

Deadlifts, Fasted Training, and Weight Loss

In this week’s Warrior Fitness episode I discuss questions from members of the Warrior Soul Fitness Academy.

Deadlifts and Variations

First, I talk about whether or not you should focus on doing different deadlift variations: conventional deadlifts, rack lifts, Romanians, and sumo.

While I do believe that each deadlift variation is useful, beginners should focus on perfecting the conventional deadlift first before moving onto variations.

Once you’re advanced enough, switching variations every three weeks can help you to strengthening weaknesses.

Weight Training Belts

Next, I discuss whether or not lifters should use weight lifting belts during their workouts. I see the value in using them if they are part of training for your sport (i.e. powerlifting or olympic weightlifting). Nevertheless, I do not see much value in incorporating them otherwise.

Fasted Workouts

Then I cover whether or not fasted workouts are effective. The answer here depends on a number of factors that I cover in the discussion.

Fast and Slow Metabolisms

Finally, I discuss weight loss for those with slow metabolisms. For those with slow metabolisms it’s not as simple as reducing calories and doing more exercise. Instead, you may need to vary calories on a day to day basis to get the metabolism fired up enough to actually get you to lose weight.