What I did when I lost everything

What I did when I lost everything

October was a huge month for the Warrior Soul Podcast.

Our inspiring guests for October included Robert Greene, Bing West, Nick Koumalatsos, Dr. Kirk Parsley, Rob Jones, and Vincent “Rocco” Vargas. Civilians and veterans who’ve gone on to build businesses, write best-selling books, and inspire thousands.

Rob Jones - USMC Veteran

It is such an honor for me to be able to do this work for the Veteran Community and I am so grateful for this opportunity.

But things weren’t always this way. Six years ago, I was literally living out of my car. I was broke, sick, and had few options to move forward.

It wasn’t until I stopped feeling bad about myself and started working on the things that would move me forward that my life changed.

Vincent Rocco Vargas - US Army Veteran

For far too long, the US Military Veteran Community has been treated like a group of victims by the popular media and by ourselves.

We aren’t victims. We are the sleeping giant in this country, and we are capable of shaping it’s future.

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