Why Obesity is a National Security Issue with Stephanie Lincoln

Why Obesity is a National Security Issue with Stephanie Lincoln

Helping Veterans and Active Duty Military Members to Get Fit

Captain Stephanie Lincoln is the Founder of Fire Team Whiskey, a fitness platform for active duty military members, Veterans, and first responders.

Captain Lincoln began this journey after dealing with her own weight issues. Despite the fact that she was training intensely, her weight ballooned up and she didn’t understand why. The culprit was the large amount of sugar she was consuming on a regular basis.

Eventually, she noticed that she wasn’t the only one. The Soldiers she was working with were experiencing health problems and signs of morbidity even though most of them were only in their 20s. Statistics show the larger trend: 60% of our military is overweight and one in four Veterans admitted to the VA system has diabetes.

Captain Lincoln’s solution was to create Fire Team Whiskey to educate the troops on good nutrition and training practices. She’s also developed a specialized line of supplements for military members.

Military Fitness with Stephanie Lincoln

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