August 9, 2019 – Upper Body Calisthenics Push/Pull

August 9, 2019 – Upper Body Calisthenics Push/Pull
FridayUpper body

I’ve been doing more and more calisthenics lately for the upper body.

This has nothing to do with a dogmatic shift away from free weights.

But one thing I’ve discovered from rolling with people half my size: my once “powerful” shoulders do me a great disservice and allow me to tap out much easier.

So I’ve been trying to use calisthenics to hit different ranges of motion and to train areas of balance

I might press a bar 2-3 times a month right now.

Today’s workout
Pull-ups 5xwhatever I could do. Today it was 10, 8, 5,5,5

Slow pushups trying to aim for concentric, isometric, and eccentric phase of between 7-10 seconds. My aim for this is 10, but I can’t crank out more than 5 of these. I did this for 5 sets of 3-5. This is not my idea. I stole it from Diamond Dallas Page’s DDPY program.

Close pushups on a ball 5 sets of 10

Cable Face pulls 5 sets of 15

Active planks 5 sets of 30 seconds

Then I went and dumbbell curled for an indiscriminate amount of time to feel good about myself.

Ongoing with post workout nutrition using Phormula 1 from 1st Phorm, which again, seems like a good product thus far

Now I’m heading out to 29 Palms California because my girlfriends family is from there, and why would you not want to be in 29 Palms in the middle of August?

If you have no idea where 29 Palms is, google it, get past the “desert oasis” headline, and take a look at the pictures 😂

Nutrition so far today has been:

3 whole eggs with spinach

2 scoops of 1stPhorm Phormula 1 as Post Workout

1stPhorm Level 1 as a snack with a french yogurt.

Planning on having some Soul Food tonight at a family get together.

**Any 1stPhorm products you buy from the links above will give us a small commission that will go toward supporting the Warrior Soul Podcast.