Transformed by Remi Adeleke – The Warrior Soul Reading List

Transformed by Remi Adeleke – The Warrior Soul Reading List


Remi Adeleke is a US Navy Seal, actor, and Christian Minister.If you were to look at him today, you’d see a strong warrior who served his country bravely and who is now making it his mission to help people to find their own inner strength regardless of their circumstances.

But things weren’t always this way. Remi was born to Nigerian royalty. His father was a well respected Chief and businessman who died when Remi was only 5 years old.Left penniless, Remi’s mother was forced to bring him and his brother to the United States where they grew up in a hardscrabble neighborhood in the Bronx.As a young man, Remi fell into running scams and dealing drugs for money.

After a scam gone wrong, Remi decided to join the US Navy. The problem: he had a record.Through fate or God’s hand, Remi met a recruiter who changed his life. She worked to get his record expunged and got him into the Navy, where he could begin working on his dream to become a Navy Seal.Remi’s path to becoming a Seal was a struggle in and of itself. He initially didn’t meet the standards, and when he entered training, he got rolled back five times.Even after making it to the teams, his personal struggles continued. It was not until he committed himself to faith that he truly found himself transformed.

Lessons to be learned:

  1. You can settle for your circumstances or you can change them. Remi had a strong wake up call that led him to decide that he had to make a change. Had he not taken action to change, he would be in a far worse position today.
  2. You need to prepare if you want to perform. Remi was not the best athlete and he was a substandard swimmer. Without thorough preparation over years, Remi would never have made it to the Seal Teams.
  3. You need resilience and tenacity. Remi failed many times, not only in his quest to become a Seal, but in his quest to become the man he wanted to become. He never let failure become a death nell and he constantly sought to redeem himself after he fell.
  4. Ego is the enemy. When Remi did fall, it was normally because he let his ego get the best of him. Learn to tame your ego. To do this you need to know yourself, and be extremely honest about your weaknesses.
  5. Transformation is soul deep. You cannot just transform on the surface. That means that, even when you think that your all set, you need to continue to seek areas of improvement.

These are just some of the lessons that you will learn from this amazing book. Click the image below to get this book into your library. Once you’ve read it, listen to the interviews we did with Remi to find out what he was thinking during his transformation.