Born Again Hard: An Interview with JTM_Fit|Jay T. Maryniak

Born Again Hard: An Interview with JTM_Fit|Jay T. Maryniak

In the world of Instagram fitness, there’s a sea of trainers out there taking selfies, flexing their abs, and performing exercises for the camera.

Then there’s JTM_Fit also known by his real name, Jay T. Maryniak. Amongst fitness pages, his page truly stands out for it’s displays of strength, power, explosiveness, and creativity. Jay’s also out there providing value every day with solid descriptions of his programming.

If that were all that was behind Jay’s story, he would be inspiring enough, but Jay’s also overcome a lot of his own demons to get to where he is today. At a very young age Jay found drugs and alcohol. He entered rehab at age 20 addicted to crack and came out the other side.

After getting sober, Jay began practicing martial arts and competing in Crossfit. While training for a Crossfit competition, Jay became seriously ill, got rushed to the emergency room and found out he had Type 1 diabetes. That didn’t stop him, and he continued training. Eventually Jay moved away from Crossfit and developed his own training methodology called The Functional Method. It involves powerlifting, kettlebells, gymnastics and several other modalities.

In all, Jay is a great guy with a really inspiring story who’s life is a testament to resilience.

To follow Jay on Instagram: @JTM_Fit

To join Jay on The Functional Method click HERE.

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