Chris Bell: Fitness, Addiction, and Kratom – Redux

Chris Bell: Fitness, Addiction, and Kratom – Redux

Chris Bell is a Filmmaker, Powerlifter, Survivor of Addiction, and a Kratom Advocate

Last year, I had the opportunity to sit down with Chris Bell, the creator of such films as Bigger, Stronger, Faster, and Prescription Thugs. I had long admired Chris’s films for their ability to illuminate complex issues that the media over-simplified.

While making Prescription Thugs, a movie about the rising plague of prescription drug abuse, Chris actually became addicted to opiates. He was able to overcome his issues through rehab, but he still had immense pain due to a genetic hip defect.

That’s when Chris was introduced to Kratom, a plant that delivers an opiate like effect to users with a much lower potential for addiction and overdose. As someone who has struggled with opiate addiction in the past, I was initially skeptical about Kratom, and remained slightly skeptical when this show was recorded. Until I threw my back out one day while doing deadlifts.

The pain was so intense I could not walk or move. I knew that I did not want to get back on any prescription opiate, so I tried Kratom. Kratom helped me significantly with the pain, but more importantly, I did not crave it like I craved other opiates.

I wasn’t thinking about it daily, and I even forgot to take it one day. Anyone who’s ever used opiates regularly will tell you that you do not forget to take it. In fact, addicts will center their whole day on when they’re going to take the drug.

This is not me advocating for Kratom or any other drug, but I believe that we should have all the facts before making a potentially helpful substance illegal. That’s why I’m republishing this episode. Since the recording of this podcast, Chris has released his documentary on Kratom A Leaf of Faith. I highly suggest that you check it out in addition to listening to this episode.