Let Go of the Past & Drop Emotional Baggage

Let Go of the Past & Drop Emotional Baggage

Let go of the past and get rid of emotional baggage…

One of most important things you can do to move toward success is to let go of the past. We all carry emotional baggage from the past, and it can weigh you down and disrupt you from ever having the ability to really live your life.

That’s because dwelling in the past keeps you in the victim mentality. Victim’s believe that the world happens “to them.” Common phrases like “I can’t catch a break” and “fuck my life” reinforce this damaging train of thought.

Successful people don’t dwell on the past or their emotional baggage. Rather, they use all of the things that happen to them as lessons to guide them for the future. The world is happening for them. With this mentality, the obstacles you face in life are no longer “bad.” Instead, you look at these problems as opportunities for lessons.

This episode takes you through what you need to know to let go of the past, change your mindset, and turn your life around.