Episode 40: What if Everything We Thought We Knew About PTSD and TBI Was Wrong?

Episode 40: What if Everything We Thought We Knew About PTSD and TBI Was Wrong?


The standard of care provided to veterans and active duty military members suffering from PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injuries is based on the idea of throwing pharmaceuticals at the issue. Many veterans who suffer from these ailments are on a dozen medications or more. Traditionally, Doctors look at PTSD and TBI as separate issues. PTSD is supposedly a reaction to traumatic events, and TBI is a result of concussion or a traumatic brain event.

Dr. Mark Gordon is an interventional endocrinologist who’s dedicated much of his life to studying traumatic brain injury. Dr. Gordon has worked with thousands of cases of TBI, and through his work he’s found that both PTSD and TBI may have a common source in chronic inflammation. The problem is that none of the current standard treatments for these issues actually treat inflammation.

Through the Warrior Angels Foundation, Doctor Gordon has helped hundreds of veterans eliminate the symptoms of TBI and PTSD altogether without standard pharmaceuticals by using nutrients and hormone replenishment. Doctor Gordon and Warrior Soul Podcast cohost Andrew Marr have made it their mission, through the Warrior Angels Foundation to make these treatments available to all veterans by bring them to the attention of the powers that be.


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