Millennials and Mass Shootings

Millennials and Mass Shootings

Millennials: The Scapegoat Generation

The Millennial Generation could also be called the Scapegoat Generation. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t see a meme on social media mocking millennials for being weak, overly sensitive, or incompetent.

What these memes and posts fail to take into account is that, if the millennial generation is weaker than other generations, and I do not think that’s the case, it’s because we’ve failed them. We’ve failed to guide them, to teach them, and to mentor them.

This episode discusses an argument that I got into this week on Instagram involving a young man who was accused of planning a mass shooting in my hometown of Norwalk, Connecticut.

I discuss our tendency as a society to point the finger, virtue signal, and pass the buck when it comes to giving real guidance. I also discuss why these weaknesses will lead to more mass shootings, and how I believe that we can all step up.

Another theme here involves the Veteran Community, and how many of us find ourselves stigmatized and cast out of society because we do not fit “the mold” of normalcy.

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