Nick Bare: Whatever It Takes

Nick Bare: Whatever It Takes

Nick Bare is a US Army Veteran and Owner of Bare Performance Nutrition

Nick Bare is used to “embracing the suck.” Completing US Army Ranger School can drive anyone to the ends of their endurance, but Nick rose to the task as a young Army infantry officer.

Nick Bare Army Ranger

While he was in the Army, Nick Bare started Bare Performance Nutrition, a supplement company.

Entering as saturated market, Nick had to figure out a way to differentiate his brand. He did that with the Nick Bare YouTube Channel, which detailed his life as an Army Officer.

Nick Bare

Soon his brand started taking off, and Nick and his brother had to begin scaling things up.

In this interview, Nick Bare reveals how he started BPN during his Army career and what he’s doing now to grow.

Nick Bare

Nick also discusses his new foray into endurance training, and how he deals with the wear and tear on his body.

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