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Episode 47: Keith Norris – Why the Healthcare System is Failing Us

Podcast Show Notes

Episode 47: Keith Norris – Why the Healthcare System is Failing Us


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Keith Norris is the co-founder of Paleo F(x) and is a veteran entrepreneur in the wellness and fitness industry. Recently, Keith wrote an article titled “A Revolution in Healthcare: You are the Catalyst.  In it, he sites the fact that the medical-pharmaceutical industry in this country is concerned with nothing more than managing disease and treating symptoms. They are not interested in the cure or in promoting better living that could prevent the disease in the first place. 

As Keith sees it, the truth is that the only way to change things is to vote with our wallets by shunning the system in favor of healthier food and better living. Keith is promoting a revolution in the way we see healthcare, and we are right there with him. 

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