Psychedelic Healing and Veterans: Jesse Gould

Psychedelic Healing and Veterans: Jesse Gould

The Heroic Hearts Project is putting veterans in touch with ayahuasca as a way of healing trauma...

Human beings have been using psychedelic plant medicines for thousands of years. Often, those medicines were used as a way of helping the subject to reconcile experiences he or she had gone through.

But over the past century, psychedelics became stigmatized and prohibited. Seen as a major threat to society, the US Government took them off the table for anyone seeking to use them as medicine by making them a schedule one drug.

Recently, however, many are seeing psychedelic plant medicines like ayahuasca and dmt as a viable therapy for those dealing with trauma.

Jesse Gould of the Heroic Hearts Project is a US Army Veteran and former investment banker. He started the Heroic Hearts Foundation after having his own transformative pyschedelic experience with ayahuasca in Peru.

The Heroic Hearts Project takes veterans to Peru after extensive preparation to partake in their own healing psychedelic ceremonies.

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